Policies needed to develop night time economy

Big cities in Vietnam hold huge potential for developing their night time economies. However, planning and policies are required to manage this new economic sector.

A major barrier hindering the development of the night time economy is public concern over the adverse impacts it could have, including social vices and noise pollution.

These challenges can be seen in Hanoi, where the night time economy has been piloted in certain areas.

According to experts, Vietnam should learn from other countries and establish a plan for its night time economic development.

They also said that a change of mindset is necessary if they want to make a success of the project.

Many businesses value the night time economy, saying that it is a huge opportunity for Vietnam to attract tourists.

Yet, the potential is only unlocked if businesses are encouraged to offer night-time services.

Many countries have already developed in this area, and that could work to Vietnam’s advantage as it can learn from them to develop an appropriate plan for night time economy development./.

Source: VNA

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