Zalo Ads

Launched late 2012, Zalo has quickly become the most favorite app of young people and a very useful marketing channel for the businesses in Vietnam.

Zalo Users Statistics in Vietnam, according to the report in Dec 2018, Zalo and it’s networks has:

  • 100 millions regular users
  • About 80% of the youth from 15-25 years old use Zalo.
  • 45% of female and 55% of male.

Therefore, Zalo becomes an amazing channel which is able to quickly engagement, this will be a new choice for enterprises that wants to promote brand as well as develop their business.

Advantages of  Zalo Advertising:

  • Reach the right people at the right time based on age, gender, geography, device,…
  • Opportunity to reach 100 million of Zalo users in Vietnam
  • Easily optimize advertisement and budget planning
  • Increasing number of fan in Zalo Official Account of business/shop
  • Easily to advertise products to potential customers

Zalo Advertising Types:

Advertising on Zalo requires a Zalo Official Account (or Zalo page, see How do you create Zalo Official Account). There are 6 main types of Zalo advertising:

Website Advertising: helps to increase the traffics’s website of business/shop, ads will appear on the user’s timeline. Advertising website on Zalo helps to increase the number of views, increase traffic to website, revenue and sales.

Advertising Zalo Official Account: increases the number of fans, increase brand awareness, engagement, improve sales and build branding with loyal customers. Ads will be showed on user’s timeline.

Products Advertising: Products from Zalo Store (in Zalo Official Account) will be showed on user’s timeline and Zalo network. Advertising helps to reach to right customers and increase sales.

Article Advertising: support the Official Account management board introduces the article in the Content Management section.

Video Advertising: introduce products / services to Zalo users visually and vividly, helping to increase the brand awareness. Video Advertising helps increase the traffic’s your website.

Album / Song / Video Advertising: helps to increase the traffic of Albums – Songs – Videos on the Zing MP3 application.

Zalo Ads Targeting

You can choose to target your audience by their Age; Gender; Location; Device OS and Industry (if applicable).

Zalo Advertising Cost & Pricing

You pay for Zalo Ads by clicks (CPC). Cost per click depends on campaign target audiences; product/brand category; content (image + text) of the ads… You decide number of clicks by your budget and timeline. So, the cost depends on many factors as your marketing goal, your marketing budget, timeline and product/campaign content…

We are HTIC – an Official & authorized Zalo Ads Partner in Vietnam. We provide full Zalo marketing services includes: Zalo Marketing strategic planning; Create/Manage Zalo Page & Content development & engagement; Advertising on Zalo,…