Warehousing Zone

We offer Supply Chain Solution with HTIC’s facility at FTWZ (Free Trade Warehouse Zone), for foreign customers to promote & support Warehousing & Supply chain management in Vietnam.

  • Goods can be imported under foreign customer name & kept at FTWZ.
  • Foreign Customers can sell the goods to Vietnam clients.
  • No need to establish company in Vietnam.
  • All trading shall be directly between buyer & Seller as usual.
  • We can control all Supply chain Logistics from shipper to its distribution network in Vietnam thru our FTWZ hub.
  • Our service charges can be billed to our associate or can be collected from Consignee as per Instructions by Agent / Shipper.
  • We can maintain of stock record for shipper.
  • We can do Quality Check, Re-packaging, Labeling, Exhibition of goods to clients, any kind of packaging.
  • We can do 3rd country export without any problem.
  • Our charges are very competitive for all storage & supply chain logistics.

The HTIC’s zones are provided with world class infrastructural support for:

  • Warehousing of different types of products
  • Handling and Transportation Equipment
  • Commercial space for office
  • All necessary requirements are available such as telecommunication facility, power facility, water supply and many other facilities
  • These zones serves as single stop for the clearance of imported and exported goods


  • It creates an export oriented zone
  • Increases the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment
  • Increases the employment possibilities
  • Increase the competitiveness in industries
  • It boost the all-round economic activity
  • It facilitates the re-export of chemicals

HTIC reduces the custom clearance time and the connectivity with transportation facilities improved the delivery time.

HTIC provides:

  • Custom categorized warehousing facility for chemicals, food, electronics, oil and many other items
  • Freezer and cooler facilities
  • Break bulk, containerized and dry cargo storage facilities
  • Warehouses with humidity control
  • Well connected transportation facilities
  • Commercial office space
  • Other support facilities and amenities such as medical facilities, cafeteria services and others.