Virtual Tax Assistant

HTIC will provide clients Tax Opinions, Analyses and Interpretations via internet (email, messenger, voice chat,..). Know what taxes apply to all your transactions.

HTIC assists clients with reviewing areas of their business that might result in tax assessment by the Tax Authority. HTIC’s specialists prepare detailed analysis in accordance with local laws and regulations, valid opinions of the Tax Authority. The purpose of our specialists can be to indicate possible tax risks and suggest the best solutions on the basis of their long-term experience. On the other hand, the purpose can be identifying opportunities for optimization of tax obligations by focusing on reducing these to a legally compliant minimum.

HTIC’s tax team is competent to conduct tax due diligence for M&A transactions because our tax experts combine accounting and legal qualifications and experience. Our opinions are prepared so that these could be basis for further discussions with tax authorities, business partners etc. Even more, our experts can assist with the discussions to make sure that any uncertainties on how a specific regulation should be interpreted would be cleared up and that the situation would not end up with tax assessment, interest or penalty.