Value Added Tax

HTIC gets you up to speed in terms of assured handling of VAT. VAT advice to fit your business’ needs.

We help our clients stay abreast of regulatory changes (such as rate fluctuations), whilst offering direct access to our local experts and a robust control framework which provides accuracy and adherence to reporting deadlines.

Thanks to its network, HTIC is thoroughly familiar with the regulations that apply in Vietnam. You get clear advice on all aspects in the field of VAT, customs and excise duties.

VAT is neutral in terms of its behaviour in the mutual provision of services between entrepreneurs entitled to reclaim. However, if certain formalities or obligations to provide supporting documents are not met, it can become an effective burden on a company. Lack of expertise in the enterprise is an incalculable risk. Although exemption regulations in turn relieve numerous revenues from VAT, they partly rule out deductions. The VAT burden can be optimised through advance planning and modelling.

The Value Added Tax Act involves many interpretation issues. Companies, organisations and municipalities often need support with resolving these issues. Working in close cooperation with the client, our tax experts identify the challenges and problems related to value added taxation in the client’s field of operation. We help the client find the best operating methods for managing issues related to value added taxation.

Our specialists make it their business to know enough about yours so that they can anticipate opportunities and problems, and act quickly to deliver a solution, leaving you to get on with your business. We never forget the most important aspects of any VAT solution: it must be practical, it must advise you what to do and it must not create a different problem elsewhere.

If you are concerned that you may be missing an opportunity or overlooking a potential risk, or have a particular VAT issue on your mind, our team of VAT specialists can help. Taking time to learn more about you and your business will help pinpoint areas where we can work together to make you VAT-efficient.

Our team experts can help keep you compliant with your indirect tax obligations. Our team of experts deliver a service that reduces the complexity and administration burden that comes from operating in today’s business world.

VAT Registration

  • We are able to register your company for VAT across the globe.
  • We can guide you through the specific local processes, allowing you to set up in relevant jurisdictions faster and more efficiently. We make complex processes, such as obtaining a non-resident VAT/GST number, simple.
  • Fiscal representation – The companies operating can appoint HTIC as a fiscal representative to act on your behalf to deal with VAT related issues.

Filing Returns

HTIC can provide that single point of contact to coordinate multiple filing requirements across a number of jurisdictions for accurate, timely returns that mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance.

Our local experts assist clients with understanding the regional variations associated with the treatment of transactions and compliance rules.

Payment on Return Submission

Our In-country presence allows you the flexibility to make payments to local tax authorities, including cases where certain jurisdictions require payment to be made via a local bank account.

VAT Recovery

Our experts can assist in making VAT processes efficient and help the identification of recoverable VAT across the markets in which you operate, liaising with local tax authorities to support claims or information requests and decreasing the turnaround time for settlement.


HTIC can help you define a robust framework to help you meet your VAT/GST obligations, which are often mandated by local tax laws.

We also support you in maintaining compliance with the following areas:

  • Registration thresholds.
  • Invoicing, VAT treatment, FX rates etc.
  • Local bookkeeping standards.
  • Support for tax inspections.
  • Rights of deduction and their restrictions
  • Targeted audits of accounts
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Reverse value added tax
  • Value added taxation of properties
  • Issues related to taxation of own use
  • Value added taxation of non-profit organisations
  • International circumstances.

HTIC strives to give you transparency, control and an understanding of the ever changing tax jurisdictions around the globe, improving your risk management and your cash flow.