Staffing & Recruiting

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future labor needs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is our specialty.

We help you source, recruit and onboard talent to increase cost savings and give you a significant strategic advantage. We leverage our nationwide reach thanks to our extensive multi-industry experience.

HTIC helps companies develop, implement and optimize recruitment processes and strategies.

HTIC takes care of screening, sourcing and measurement strategies for the entire company. We give your HR team the freedom to manage the interviews, hire and onboard new employees.

HTIC solutions smoothen and shorten your recruitment process. We scale your hiring capacity, cut turnaround time and increase candidate experience.

By choosing HTIC for your needs, you are working with a company that is experienced in offering solutions across different industries.

Recruiting Process Services – Right people for the right job

HTIC’s staffing services deliver results in a timely manner. Whatever professional you need, HTIC helps you get the qualified candidates to handle specific tasks. Our robust resource network gives clients a short turnaround time. Multiple-level screening verifies that the candidates have both professional qualifications and soft skills.

HTIC matches great companies with great candidates using staffing solutions designed to meet all your business requirements.

Our relationships, networks and local culture knowledges are at the core of our business, and our services include many resources and customized solutions for recruiting and assessing talent for your organization. Our process includes:

Needs Analysis

We conducts detailed meetings with your company to determine your specific needs and go the extra mile to understand your culture and environment to help determine the best possible fit for your future employees. We look at intangible characteristics, such as management style, career path opportunities, and work/life balance, to ensure the company/employee match is as strong as possible. With this information, we create a comprehensive position specification for your approval that becomes the working document for the search.

Candidate Search & Screening

Once the position spec is approved, our national and/or local sourcing, networking, and referral system goes into action. We verify that all presented candidates meet your requirements in critical areas such as:

  • Background and industry experience
  • Educational requirements
  • Compensation range
  • Culture and environment fit
  • Proven success and the ability to reference accomplishments via supervisors/peers/customers
  • Geographical and travel considerations
  • Non-compete issues

Interviews & Presentation of Top Candidates

Face-to-face interviews are conducted by HTIC to surface the top candidates. We’ll create a report on each finalist, including a resume, biography, and report regarding his/her “fit.”

Offer & Follow Up

HRMC is considered an integral part of your hiring process, but we do not make the final decision. We assist in managing the offer stage and determining a start date. Once the offer is accepted, HTIC will manage notification to the other candidates.

After the successful search is completed, we’re available at your request. This is a partnership, so our goal is to help your organization grow by bringing on highly talented professionals who will work to develop your business.