Social Media Management

Setting up a Fanpage is a “a piece of cake”, but keeping it alive with the brand is a real time-consuming and afford-taking challenge. HTIC brings you an active Fanpage, aim to right target and increase your brand awareness on social flatforms.

Why Social?

Do you want to promote and grow your sales fast in Vietnam? There are no faster options than Social Media advertising to get amazing results with a minimum investment.

Social Media advertising in Vietnam is CHEAP and the closest marketing channel as you could get to ‘speaking the same language’ as your potential customers. Through a powerful campaign, you can easily entice them to convert. Results show that in a population of about 96 Million people in Vietnam that are online, 57 million of them are active social media users.It doesn’t mean that it’s easy to achieve those impressive numbers.

You might want to take care of your online strategy by yourself. But WRONG IDEA, without extensive experience of social media advertising you will most likely burn your money and get NO results. No worries, we’re here to help your reach your objectives in the exciting, but difficult Vietnamese market.

Your Trusted Social Media Agency In Vietnam

Speak your customers’ language. Choose HTIC for social media services in Vietnam.

Partner with our thought-leading agency and make the most out of your brand online. With HTIC’s data-driven, forward-thinking and strategic approach to different projects, we’re able to uniquely leverage and evolve your brands through today’s social communications platforms. We’re here to help you shine across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, LinkedIn, Zalo,… and more with our digital marketing campaigns.

We deliver engaging, integrated and results-driven social campaigns through captivating content and targeting.

Want your social media to be more effective?

We have everything you need to grow your brand on social media

Strategy Development

Keeping your business & marketing objectives in mind, we will develop a proper strategy to achieve them whether they are short-term or long-term goals.

Content Creation

Every brand has their own personality and we always respect it in every piece of content that we create. We can help your brands stand out through a variety of content formats.

Content Distribution

Promoting your content across different platforms is essential. We help you manage ads & report performance of the campaign.