Public Relation Services

In Vietnam, HTIC has PR specialists, managers and media relations teams dedicated to building relationships with journalists and bloggers, pitching impactful content and maintaining a data-based understanding of which media are the best match for a particular audience.

Media relations is also a vital way for companies and brands to create searchable content, vital for new products, market entry and managing overall corporate reputation. Public relations remains a key component of building trust and third-party support in Southeast Asia.

Content Creation

A one stop solution for all your content needs: content writing, editorial calendars, video production and multimedia news releases.

Based on the nature of your business, industry, product and target audience, we will analyze and identify the news value of the key messages you wish to highlight and create newsworthy press releases that maximize editorial pick up and sharing, improve search visbility and deliver your company’s brand value to your target audience.

Based on our content team’s experience, the challenges that companies often face in their content planning and production process include:

  • Creating newsworthy stories that attract their target audience.
  • Uniquely positioning their brand.
  • Building an effective communications strategy.
  • When to publish their content to maximize awareness.
  • Attracting international media outlets’ attention.

Content Planning

Based on your company’s goals, we will help you create a content roadmap to keep you on track and move towards your messaging objectives. This will include a customized communications strategy and scheduling plan for news events such as corporate announcements and PR activities.


Whether you’re promoting a new product, announcing your company’s annual results or launching a new marketing campaign, you can leverage HTIC’s distribution network to send press releases.We provides high visibility and effective reach for your message, covering every corner of the globe.

  • Share Your Brand’s Story Around the World: Brands looking to exceed their marketing and communications objectives rely on HTIC. From building awareness and generating media coverage, to guiding conversations and acquiring new audiences, our network and flexible distribution options can help you reach your goals.
  • Industry’s Strongest Network: HTIC’s distribution network reaches media and online sites in many countries and languages, including media outlets and ournalists and influencers.
  • Build Shareholder Confidence: Transmit and deliver to all disclosure points quickly and securely.
  • Evaluate Your Results: Get actionable insights with our Distribution Reports’ performance and audience engagement data.

Get Earned Media and Influencer Attention

Media coverage can amplify a story and add third-party credibility to a message, and HTIC has a proven ability to generate more media pickup than other providers, as well as with journalists and bloggers as the most trusted press release news source.

  • Generate Earned Media: We deliver to editorial systems and newsrooms of major media organizations– a direct pipeline that online-only providers cannot offer.
  • Access to the Industry’s Largest Distribution Network: Share your message with the media by industry, geography or topic – our powerful network of thousands of media points helps you reach influencers critical to your brand.

Create Demand with Content Distribution

Marketers can use our distribution network to generate leads from their content by targeting key audiences across channels.

  • Attract New Audiences with Online Syndication: Expand your digital footprint beyond your owned channels by tapping into our global distribution network which includes more than 10,000 websites.
  • Expand Industry Reach: We target and deliver your message to influencers in more industries.