Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have the ability to reach a wide audience of internet users, as it’s by far the most popular website in the world. Almost 80% of internet users use Facebook either for their personal use or as an advertising platform.

With all those users, targeting Facebook to launch an advertising campaign makes perfect sense. It provides a channel to reach any target audience, depending on how you use it. By taking advantage of the features that Facebook ads offer, you can specify who sees your ads by location, age group, buying habits and much more.

Plus, it’s one of the cheapest forms of advertising, enabling your ads to reach thousands of people for less than 200,000 VND. The cost factor is why it makes so much sense to use Facebook for an advertising campaign.

But before we get into that, we’ll answer some questions for advertisers who may be new to Facebook ads.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

There are several ways to configure a Facebook ad to give you the results you desire. Facebook allows you to target your audience by gender, age, location, buying habits, interests and many more criteria. After you’ve narrowed down the type of people who you are targeting, your ad will only show up in the sidebar of those specified users.

The ads can talk about your products and services, or they can steer potential buyers to your own website.

For instance, you can target your ad to only show up on the pages of 35-40 year-old men living in a specific postal code. This ability to target your ad so specifically makes it incredibly easy to narrow your focus onto only those people who are likely to purchase your product or service.

Once you’ve selected your target audience, you then set a budget and bid either for each click your ad receives, or, if you are targeting a large group, every thousand clicks your ad will get.

How Do I Create a Successful Facebook Ad?

The key to a successful ad campaign on Facebook is to take a ‘soft-sell’ approach. Think of it from the user’s perspective. They weren’t expecting your ad to show up on their Facebook page, so they’re not likely to buy your products and services right at that moment, although, the ad is targeting them as a potential consumer and they may be interested in what you have to offer enough to click on your ad.

The page on your website they’re directed to by clicking on your ad should follow the same soft-sell approach and only show information you think they’d be interested in. You’re not making any demands of them at the moment; you’re just planting the seeds of interest.

Going directly to the ‘hard-sell’ approach once they reach your website will cause you to lose the interest you’ve gained by your ad placement. Understand that all ad campaigns are an investment. If they don’t pay off immediately, it doesn’t mean they’ve failed. You have to recognise that by enticing a user to click on your ad, you’ve obtained the interest of a prospective customer who may buy your products and services in the near future.

What are some of the Other Benefits of Facebook Ads?

There are many other facets of Facebook ads that make Facebook an attractive platform on which to launch an ad campaign. By targeting your ads so precisely, you almost immediately increase traffic to your website. This increases your Google ranking and edges your site ever closer to the top of the search results.

Facebook ads are also measurable. You’ll easily be able to see the results of your campaign by looking at the number of clicks and conversions you receive; you can then tinker with your targeting to get the most out of your campaign.

Did we mention how cheap it is to advertise on Facebook? Facebook ads, if done correctly, can reduce your acquisition costs. You can spend much less to gain a conversion than you would have spent on other forms of online advertising.

Facebook ads can also drive repeat sales. Facebook has an ‘Audiences’ feature that allows you to import customer emails and addresses to your Facebook ad campaign. This makes the money you spend on each ad go a lot further by targeting people who are more likely to buy again due to the placement of an ad.

Facebook is a social platform. This means that targeted users engage with other users on a regular basis. This helps spread the word by satisfied customers of your products and services. The social aspect of Facebook is mainly why the platform has become so effective in advertising.

Facebook ads take place in the here and now. This real-time aspect of Facebook ads means that you have the ability to adjust the targeted users immediately if you haven’t received the results you expect. By going directly to the users who will be most likely to use your products and services, you can gain an edge on your competition who are using more conventional sources of online advertising like Google Adwords. As long as you know exactly who is likely to become a customer, Facebook provides a short-cut to your target audience.