Digital Marketing Strategy

In a dramatically evolving marketing world, everyone recognizes the importance of digital marketing in reaching suitable clients. Digital marketing strategy services are the most important of HTIC’s service. We know strategy is the key point to drive business result.

In short, we create detailed strategy, marketing channels distribution, promotions, KPIs & measurement through data analysis. HTIC have dedicated account management, report tools & resource to manage the campaign better.

How Do We Work On Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting Services?

From initial concepts to solid building blocks for game-changing campaigns, the strategy & ideation team at HTIC devises campaign themes, communication angles, content pillars and integrated marketing solutions that will amplify your brand. Through the development of a strategic proposal we are able to identify key opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats early on before the initiation of a campaign in order to carefully orchestrate a campaign that will succeed in the long run.

However, with the overwhelming amount of marketing data and methods available on the Internet, bringing together all the necessary items that match your goals is not an easy task.

It’s difficult to launch a successful marketing campaign without outlining the clear objectives and strategies that will be put in place. This goes on to identifying which target audience to tap into and what type of media and content they consume and interact well with.

Every brand and company approaches HTIC with a set of defined marketing activities that they would like to roll out within a set period and time-frame, some even approach HTIC with a strategy in place. Both of our traditional and digital savvy strategists will jump on the brief and dissect it to identify potential opportunities that would amplify the campaign. In most cases HTIC try to deliver an integrated marketing campaign in order to deliver quality results and a substantial reach through a broad range of outlets.

Tell us your goals and we’ll craft a step-by-step plan to help you secure more business from the internet. Our goal is to not only turn your vision into reality, but to guide you with best practices along the way. Your success is our success.

HTIC develops a digital marketing strategy based on 8 steps of process planning:

  • Client Brief: Defining the client’s objective and KPIs
  • Research And Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data to develop audience insight and segmentation, customer experiences
  • Plan: Creating digital marketing strategy based on client’s objective, KPIs and data analysis.
  • Reach: Selecting the right digital marketing channels to grow audience online.
  • Act: Optimizing your digital campaign that creates brand interactions and leads registration.
  • Convert: Increasing conversion rate of online and offline sales through optimization
  • Engage: Developing customer loyalty and advocacy through CRM platforms.
  • HR & Resources: Dedicated account management team to work closely with clients and provide tools to manage the campaign better.

Work With Us

Here at HTIC we involve digital marketing in all that we do. It’s the process behind getting a brand or product in the right place, at the right time, to the right people with the right message to increase online conversions and deliver ROI.

Standing by your side, HTIC brings a huge advantage backed by our long years of experience in many countries, by creating and executing a practical plan that will maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing budget.

We will create a roadmap based on your stated goals and story as a marketer and corporate manager, and sort through various methods as necessary to remove parts that are difficult to implement.

Our recommendations include:

  • Website usability suggestions and increased calls-to-action
  • Website content recommendations to improve SEO
  • Google Analytics customization and conversion tracking
  • Editorial content planning for SEO and social
  • Social media marketing and paid content amplification
  • Google AdWords and Bing Advertising (PPC)
  • Media buying with a direct response marketing focus
  • Blog posts and blogger outreach to key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Are you satisfied with your current marketing performance? You might have thought that advertising through search engines and social media should have been easier and more effective. Are you actually using the various convenient tools your current agency provided you with? There are definitely still more ways to improve your present status. Not only will your marketing be clearer, but you will also have a partner who will give you continuous support and new ideas. We can incorporate the best of what the Internet can offer for your business.