Digital Marketing Services

Marketing has become familiar with entrepreneurs for long time. It is a rope to link the enterprises and the consumers together. Digital marketing is understood as doing the marketing activities online using internet. Today, digital marketing is very simple and delivers the benefits to the companies the most.

HTIC Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency with professional digital marketing services help businesses develop as well as strong client relationships at a nationwide and also neighborhood level via customer engagement and also on the internet digital marketing channels empowerment, creating long-term profitability for our clients. At HTIC, we have dedicated teams to serve for each partner, we develop the approach and also select specialized digital advertising channels to satisfy their objectives & KPIs.

Its All About Capitalizing On Trends

Everybody wants their products or services to have a stable & steady market. Digital marketing is the solution you are looking for, not only for now but also for the future, to approach the customers. People may not watch TV for a day but they must surf internet,social network at least one time a day.

HTIC creates and manages social and digital campaigns for clients. This includes both multi-market campaigns and single market campaigns for brands. As a PR agency, HTIC has invested to provide the same creative, planning, content and paid media capabilities as a hard-core social media and digital agency.

After launching HTIC, 75 percent of our business is social and digital, and our aim is to be the best independent, fully integrated PR and digital agency. Our local teams are able to capture current trends in each market and quickly adapt content and digital marketing activities in order to capitalize on trends, buzz and top stories. In addition to this we emphasize heavily on localizing content we create for each respective region, instead of a simple translation. This is extremely powerful for brands looking to run multi-market campaigns as the target audiences and potential customers will be able to relate to the brand more closely.

HTIC proposes and creates successful campaigns supported by all types of online marketing including social networking, SEO, and PPC advertisement.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Save advertising costs and human resource for events or products that need to be advertised in the long time run.
  • With the increasing demand for buying things online using smart devices, online marketing is becoming indispensable.
  • Digital marketing is not only encapsulating the products or services in Vietnam but also extending the international market.
  • No time limit for transactions or contact between enterprises and customers.
  • Advertising is not limited to products or time.
  • Provide a dynamic business environment and the ability to learn among the businesses, expand the business opportunities abroad.
  • Online advertising does not only encapsulate on your website but also extend to current social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, LinkedIn, Zalo,…