Customs Clearance Services

Vietnam Customs formalities for the clearance of imports or exports consignments are highly regulated by law. We’re one of Vietnam’s most well-networked and experienced Customs Clearance Agents. Our experience across many ports in Vietnam help us confidently assure our clients of an effortless and efficient customs clearance. This allows your shipment to get where it needs to go quickly and safely. We meet and exceed your logistical and shipping needs at competitive rates you can rely on.

We coordinate all documents necessary to clear customs such as power of attorney, commercial invoices, forwarding and preparing of any necessary bills of lading, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and care taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents. Providing reliable and diligent customs clearance services, HTIC has established a Customs Clearance division ready and able to handle any customs requirement so give us a call today to see how we can help with your custom clearance needs.

We handle all trade compliance and processes on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business. Our goodwill and clean business policies help us ensure speedy clearance of consignments which have arrived by air, sea and land. Our loyal and ever-growing clientele likes us because we’re honest, reliable and efficient.

Legal Expertise

Our team of legal experts and our network of customs clearing agents across the country help us provide customised solutions for your business, which help optimise your time as well as your customs duties.

Trade Compliance

We can help you understand and execute solutions to your most complex problems in import-export trade compliance. Our representatives ensure that you follow the right processes and formalities for most positive outcomes.

Experience Matters

We’ve worked with companies importing and exporting goods in many industries: Automotive, Food & Beverages, Consumer, Electronics, Fashion & Retail, Healthcare & Pharma, Metals and Coal, Industrial, Plastics, Optical lenses, Textiles, Machinery and more. This helps us handle your business effectively.

End-To-End Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions from documentation consultancy to mapping the best routes for your cargo to ensure the most effective Import and Export Customs Clearance of your shipment. Your growth is our reward.

Quality Services

As a leader in the logistics and transport industry, we take pride in our quality services and dedicated staff. Give us a call today to discuss your logistics needs.

Don’t let a customs clearance problem cost your business time and money! HTIC offers customs clearance services to customers who sign a special agreement on customs services and issue a power of attorney, enpowering HTIC to operate as a customs broker on behave of the customer.

Necessary documents for import or export procedures:

  • CMR, AWB or BL,
  • Commercial Invoice (original),
  • Transportation invoice,
  • Power of Attorney (original),
  • Certificate of Origin (original) (certificate, invoice – declaration)
  • A document of the Sanitary border inspection, if necessary (for toys, food etc.),
  • Import or export licenses, if necessary (textiles, strategic goods, medicals etc.),
  • Documents approving a reduced VAT rate for goods that if necessary (e.g. Certificate from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade and Industry,…),
  • Customs Broker Services Order.

Necessary documents for transit customs procedures:

  • Power of Attorney (original),
  • CMR, AWB or BL,
  • Commercial Invoice (original),
  • Customs Transit Services Order,
  • Guarantee policy (if the client uses its own transport).

The Commercial Invoice must contain:

  • Sender, name, address,
  • Consignee, name, address,
  • Consumer, address, if it’s not the consignee,
  • Delivery address,
  • Invoice number and date,
  • Type/title and description of goods,
  • Commodity code,
  • Commodity net and gross weight,
  • Quantity of items,
  • Price of one item,
  • Value and currency of commodities/goods,
  • Quantity of transportation packaging,
  • Terms of delivery (According to Incoterms),
  • Invoice/declaration AED, ED – confirmation of the origin of goods’, if an origin certificate is missing (EUR1, ATR, Origin).