Bonded Warehousing

A bonded warehouse serves as secured storage area where goods are stored, manipulated and can also be manufactured without paying any duty. The goods are under the responsibility of the warehouse authority once entered and an agreement is signed for this between the importer/exporter and warehouse proprietor.

The warehouses are temperature controlled and have all the facilities of packing, palatalizing, storage and stock control. We also provide worldwide storage facility for trade fairs and exhibition goods.

GSI is associated with Customs Approved Bonded Warehouses to move your Import or Export Cargo to the Open or Covered Bonded warehouse. This helps customer to action the plans without paying customs duties and taxes.

The warehouse is handled with complete adherence to Customs laws, regulations, procedures and documentation.


  • The bonded warehouse is generally owned by third party
  • The charges in particular for type of services used
  • These are mainly meant for short-term usage


  • No capital investment in warehousing
  • Reduce risk and low opportunity cost
  • Permit freight to move at lower rates
  • Tax advantages
  • Specific knowledge of costs for storage and handling