Recruitment Process

Step 1: Apply

– Learn about vacancies and how to apply at:

– Send information about yourself or curriculum vitae (CV) which includes personal information, education, experience, goals and personal preferences to the addresses provided in the recruitment postings.

Step 2: Receive and select records

After we receive candidates’ information forms and curriculum vitae, selected candidates will be asked to take a multiple choice test and write an essay. All applications will be kept on file.

Step 3: Multiple choice test and essay writing

Candidates will take some exams that include:

– IQ test – Check ability to use logic

– English

– GMAT- Check timed computing ability

– Professional exams (Corresponding to vacancies)


– The exams are customized for specific vacancies

– There are 2 sorts of the HTIC’s entrance test: Online test & Paper test

Step 4: Interview

This is the first time that the candidates meet the company. During the interview, the company will obtain information that will enable it to assess candidate suitability.

The Company considers things such as communication skill, ability to work individually and in groups, ability to plan and organize work, problem-solving skills and it checks the information provided in the CV. In the interview, candidates can ask the company representative any questions. Depending on the candidate and the position, there may be more than one interview. Selected applicants are notified no later than 10 days after the interview.

Step 5: Contractual agreement

Those applicants who have passed the interview will be asked to sign a labor contract that specifies the job, salary and working time. All following stages will be carried out according to the labor contract and the guidance of leaders and HR staff.

Step 6: Complete record

After receiving a notice of acceptance, candidates must send the following documents to the HR department: Curriculum Vitae (Original) | Copy of birth certificate | Health certificate | Certified copy of Identification card | Copy of Graduation Certificate | Student certificate (if applicable) | Copies of transcripts and other certificates | Four photos (Two 4×6 cm and two 3×4 cm).