Hoi Tu Investments Consulting (HTIC) strives to provide the highest quality services such as training, consulting, investment, legal, and business development services across all major industries in Vietnam.

Our mission is to be a top class advisor between the rest of the world and Vietnam by providing professional services, attractive returns to investors, value to companies, and a desirable workplaces.

Our corporate identity is best summarised by the following three slogans:

“Working Together”

HTIC work to ensure existing and potential investors are aware of and accurately understand the nature of Vietnam’s investment opportunities, promoting trade and investment in Vietnam.

“Growing Together”

HTIC help introduce new ideas, approaches, products and technologies into Vietnam while providing the leadership and management support necessary to ensure international standards are successfully merged with the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that are the hallmark of Vietnam’s business culture.

“Leading Together” To be one of the Vietnam’s leading services providers of consulting, investment, using its portfolio to support investors, companies that develop to lead the marketplace.