About Us

Hoi Tu Investments Consulting (HTIC) has been recognized as one of the leading investment consulting and highly recommended business law firms in Vietnam. Our office have strong team of lawyers/attorney, legal professionals who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Vietnam’s political culture and the legal development. Our team of consultants and lawyers are of highly experience in their fields of practice and have relevant qualifications that could provide one-stop-service shop solutions to clients.

For HTIC, no project is too small. We handle requests of all kinds from clients. Understanding local cultures and practices are the keys to success. We are committed to what we do to assist clients achieving their results efficiently and profitably leveraging on skills and expertise of internationally trained consultants and lawyers and an understanding of processes and procedures of local government. Our solutions given to clients, therefore, could satisfy the client’s demand in a very comprehensive and practical way.

At HTIC, we provide local insights leveraged on expertise, experience to address clients’ queries based on PESTLE model, which advise Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, Environment which are likely to affect the business. We advised clients in a wide variety investment consultancy into Vietnam such as: business and investment law, intellectual property law, banking and finance law, property and real estate law, tax law, agreement and contract consultancy, arbitration and litigation, M&A, leasing, construction law, employment and labor law, insurance law, enterprise development and management law.

Given Vietnam’s economic development path, HTIC predominantly works with management team, investors to support, grow and improve them, thus creating shareholder value. HTIC adds value to companies through assisting with strategy, recruiting, operations, bringing international partners as co-investors, financial structuring and industry consolidation.